Korina BiggsMA MSTAT

    The Alexander Technique helps you change the way you think and respond to your environment and restores balance in the way you use yourself. It is a simple and practical method which helps you to move and use your mind and body with freedom and ease.

    What conditions can it help?

    • Back and neck pain
    • Knee/hip or joint problems such as arthritis
    • Conditions such as RSI (repetitive strain injury)
    • Asthma/breathing problems
    • Stress or the inability to relax
    • Performance / co-ordination skills

    The Technique will help to free you of back/neck pain and general muscle tension and will improve your sense of well-being and your quality of life. At work the Technique can help you to relax, manage your time and energy and stay calm in a crisis. Those who work at computers will learn to sit in a more effective way and avoid RSI. Performing artists and sportspeople find it helpful for breathing, voice production, balance and co-ordination. It improves stamina and reduces “stage fright”. After operations, illness or injury, the Technique aids rehabilitation. Mothers find the Technique helpful during pregnancy, childbirth and managing their posture when caring for their baby.

    About Korina Biggs

    Korina is a member of STAT (the Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique). For more information visit www.alexandertechnique.co.uk
    Since 2001 she has a busy practice teaching individuals, and giving talks and workshops to a variety of groups and organizations. She is an active participant in STAT’s continuing professional development program, and is also the South East regional Alexander teachers’ representative.

    More information about Korina and the Alexander Technique can be found at her website www.korinabiggs.co.uk and www.thespaciousself.co.uk