Claire GilliverMRSS BA(hons)

    Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork (massage) that is based on traditional Chinese medicine principles. It is used to re-balance the body, by connecting with and enhancing the person’s natural energies (ki). This can help to free physical, emotional or spiritual ‘blockages’; helping to enable wellbeing.

    The Shiatsu treatment is given on a soft mat on the floor. A chair Shiatsu can be arranged, if preferred. The client is required to wear soft comfortable loose clothing (natural fibres are best) including socks. Their body is then manipulated by the Shiatsu Practitioner using firm but gentle pressure. The first appointment requires a look into your health history.

    Shiatsu is a holistic therapy that is tailored to suit each client’s individual needs and energy levels. A Shiatsu treatment can be a deeply relaxing experience. Most people find the treatment very enjoyable.

    Shiatsu is known for the ability to help maintain a person’s wellbeing, but there are many specific reasons some clients choose Shiatsu, such as:

    back pain, joint pain, circulation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, shock, whiplash, headaches, constipation, menstrual pain, menopausal symptoms, low energy and many more.

    Claire studied Shiatsu in Brighton at the Shiatsu College. She is a Member of the professional Register of the Shiatsu Society, which means she is qualified, fully insured and abides by their code of ethics and practice. Claire is an experienced practitioner, including working for the NHS at The Mental Health Recovery Centre, Buckingham Road, Brighton for a number of years. There, running a regular Shiatsu clinic for their clients recovering and living with mental illness. Also working at the Royal Sussex Hospital providing Shiatsu for their Maternity staff.


    Treatments cost £40 per 1 hour treatment

    Booking an appointment
    River Clinic 01273 475735 or Claire Gilliver 07951 170637