Meditation for Mind Body and Spirit

Gratitude and Everyday Miracles, Meditation on Mon 20 October at 7pm, River Clinic in Lewes.

Dear Angels – Gratitude and appreciation are such beautiful qualities many spiritual teachers often speak about, understanding how powerful and potentially life changing they can be. Like precious flowers if tended to daily, they grow and blossom and us and our lives with them. We start to experience more and more joy and see the world around us through “new eyes”, through the eyes of the Source. Simple moments of our daily life, previously perceived as ordinary become little miracles for us. And through this sacred personal experience we really start to understand that it is and always has been all about our attitude, our approach than what is actually happening. The life, the journey itself becomes more satisfying and the ” final results” less important. Paradoxically the “final results” then start arriving too, but in a much more easy and graceful way than before.
You see, dear Angels, there is no losing in this divine game of appreciation.
So if you feel inspired, come and join the Monday evening meditation in Lewes.

Lots of love and Angels blessings,

Jana xx

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