Suzi BroadBSc (Hons), Member of the British Acupuncture Council

    Suzi graduated from The International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) in 2012 with a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Acupuncture and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. She comes from a background in Massage and Beauty therapy including the Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage technique and Hot Stone Therapy. Suzi practices Five Element (Stems and Branches), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture and Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA).

    Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA):

    What is FEA? – According to Traditional Chinese Medical practice, our external appearance reflects our internal health. FEA is a safe and natural alternative to cosmetic surgery and has been used for thousands of years to restore, maintain and promote good health although only more recently in Western culture. FEA treats the whole person and aims to restore balance to the body and reduce signs of stress evident in the face.

    How does FEA work? – By stimulating local circulation of blood and lymph, improving muscle tone and the appearance of fine lines, increasing collagen production, encouraging natural cell regeneration and brightening the eyes. Needles are also placed in other areas of the body to support the patient’s constitution and treat any imbalances found on the pulse.

    Suzi practices Acupuncture, Facial Enhancement Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage and Hot Stone Therapy in both Lewes and at the ICOM college clinic in East Grinstead.

    Acupuncture 60 minutes – £45

    FEA 90 minutes – £65

    Therapeutic Massage:

    Suzi trained in London in 1999 as a Massage therapist and went on to study the Vodder Manual Lymphatic drainage technique and Hot Stone therapy.

    In our busy, fast paced lives, moments of peace and deep relaxation are considered a luxury. We know that stress can often be the cause of many diseases but it is easy to power on regardless. Massage, although often seen as a treat, can also be an important ally in your health care and the power of touch can be very healing. Other than the physical benefits of massage such as increasing circulation, relaxing injured, tired and overused muscles, reducing spasms and cramping, massage can also increase concentration, lessen the symptoms of depression such as fatigue and irritability, enhance sleep quality and decrease anxiety.

    Hot Stone Therapy:

    The Native Americans were the first to warm stones by the fire in order to treat aching muscles. The stones used in massage are smooth, black, basalt lava stones which absorb and retain the heat well. The treatment involves a combination of Swedish massage techniques and massage with the stones which feel like ‘big hot hands’. The addition of heat allows for a deeper relaxation as the warmth penetrates to deeper tissue helping to release muscle pain and tension. Other stones are placed on specific areas of the body to increase circulation and aid relaxation such as the spine, in the palms of the hands and on the stomach. The stones are heated in a bath of water at around 30-35 degrees.

    Therapeutic Massage 60 minutes – £45

    Hot Stone Therapy 90 minutes – £65