Sherie GabrielleMedical Herbalist, BSc (Psyc) Dip Phyt MNIMH

    I have been a practicing Medical Herbalist and Member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists since 2002. The NIMH ensures that natural Herbal Medicines are prescribed and dispensed by highly trained medical professionals.

    When you visit a Medical Herbalist you get the opportunity to discuss your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The first consultation takes an hour and involves the Medical Herbalist taking a detailed medical history, covering not only your current complaint but also your family history, diet and lifestyle. A treatment strategy will be agreed which will include an individually designed prescription dispensed with appropriate instructions. Your progress will be reviewed at four weekly intervals. Your prescription will usually be a tincture, however there are also teas, creams and other forms of plant medicine available. The Herbal Medicines dispensed at the River Clinic are sustainably produced and highly quality assured.

    As a Medical Herbalist I will liaise with your GP and other healthcare practitioners on your behalf as I’m fully committed to integrated healthcare.

    Herbal Medicine can be used to treat most complaints commonly seen by your GP. I believe that it is a powerful way to nourish health and wellbeing in all ages.

    Adults and Children over 12 years – Initial Consultation £35, Follow up Consultations £20, Tinctures £10/100ml, average dosage is 100ml weekly.
    Children under 12 years – Initial Consultation £25, Follow up Consultations £20, Medicine costs £5 – £30 dependant on the age of the child.

    For appointments phone River Clinic: 01273 475735.
    For any questions as to herbal interactions or whether herbal medicine can be beneficial to you please leave your phone number with the receptionist and I will call you back as soon as possible.

    For information on Medical Herbalists and NIMH: