michi&simon700WHO WE ARE

Michaela Kullack and Simon Murrayare experienced osteopaths, having been in clinical practice for over 20 years. They trained at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO), Maidstone, and graduated in 1995. Over the years, they have developed particular skills in cranial osteopathy, ante/post-natal care of mother and baby and the treatment of children. The clinic has a family feel to it, as Michaela and Simon are sister and brother in law.

For appointments or enquiries with Michaela call 07877843721 or 01273 475735 or book online at  https://michaelakullack.co.uk

For appointments or enquiries with Simon call 07726 239340 or 01273 475735. See his website for more information https://www.brightonosteopaths.co.uk



Adults: £53   Children: £48 



In the first appointment, the osteopath will take a full medical case history and give an osteopathic examination and assessment, followed by a treatment.  During the assessment, other examinations may be carried out if necessary, for example cardiovascular, abdominal and neurological.  If a referral, x-ray or other tests are necessary, the osteopath will discuss this with the patient.



Osteopathy is a manual therapy in which imbalance, tension, injury and restriction of the spine, muscles, joints and soft tissues are corrected using gentle safe techniques.

Osteopaths use a wide range of techniques including spinal manipulation (HVT), soft tissue techniques, joint articulation, rehabilitation/postural work and cranial osteopathy.  This breadth of skills allows osteopaths to apply the right techniques and approaches to the individual and their problems.

Treatment is commonly used to resolve mechanical pain and injury, but is also an effective way of treating many health problems. The reason for this is that improved structural alignment of the body enhances blood and nerve supply to soft tissues, organs and joints. Treatments last between 30-40 minutes.


Michaela and Simon have considerable experience in the use of cranial osteopathy.  This is a very gentle method of releasing strain and imbalance in the body tissues, including the head (cranium).  It is used to treat a wide variety of problems from postural and musculo-skeletal to health problems in general.

Cranial osteopathy lends itself perfectly to the treatment of babies and children, whose number make up a significant proportion of the clinic’s caseload. However, adults are also very responsive to these methods particularly where a gentle approach is necessary or preferred.



After osteopathic treatment aches and pains tend to reduce and joint and spinal mobility generally improves.  Patients commonly report a feeling of well-being and increased energy once physical strains and tensions have been resolved.

Osteopathy is a safe treatment approach, suitable for all ages.


  • Spinal pain, back and neck pain/stiffness.
  • Muscle and soft tissue pain and injury.
  • Rib/thoracic pain.
  • Pregnancy aches & pains.
  • Preparation for labour and post-partum recovery.
  • Injury.


At River Clinic we see a lot of mums with their babies and children. They respond just as well as adults to treatment and improvements can often be seen quickly. The parents report that the osteopathic treatment benefits a variety of conditions and problems.

Birth is a traumatic experience for the baby’s body, as well as the mother’s. As they grow and develop children experience knocks and bumps, growing pains and postural problems. They also experience emotional stress like adults, which can result in physical tensions. We offer gentle Cranial Osteopathy to ensure your child has the best start in life.

Fees: £48