Meditation – Joy & Fun

Dear Angels,

I’ve got suspicion that many of us often think about fun as a luxury, as a reward after “the work is done”. But joy is like water for the “bough” in our hearts so that it can stay green and full of life. If it’s dry or dying, not much else can grow either. At least not in a way which would please us. Living in a society where “doing”, efficiency and end results seem to be the most appreciated values, it takes a brave soul to first check with the child within and see if she’s still happy to proceed further in whatever we are doing or is just about to throw all “should and shouldn’t” away and go wild. I know, you all are brave souls and understand that joy and fun can’t be postponed for tomorrow. So let this be just a gentle reminder to give your inner child what it needs, and every day. And if you notice that s/he is just about throw a tantrum, don’t wait a minute later. Go wild! Skip, dance, sing, laugh, make a joke and please be very silly. It’s worth it and it’s time!

If you feel inspired, join us for the meditation this Sat morning in Hove or Mon evening in Lewes.

Lots of love and Angels’ blessings,

Jana xx

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